Smartphone Distraction: The Global Problem!

    • Every year thousands of people are seriously injured or killed due to distracted drivers and pedestrians using their smartphones.
    • Today, the lure of using smartphones at all times is greater than ever with: Emails, Calls, WhatsApp, Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, Selfies, Pokémon Go, Games, and other instant response apps.
    • Although this graph here is US based, most countries would likely reflect similar statistics.
    • Smartphone Distraction for Drivers and Pedestrians is a Global Problem!

    Types of Distraction


    Visual – things that make drivers take their eyes off the road


    Cognitive – causing drivers to think about other things


    Manual – things that because drivers take their hands off the wheel


    With smartphones, a driver is distracted by a combination of the three – Such as texting, talking, looking at navigation.

    The Statistics – Applicable Globally!


    Millions of people using their smartphone when driving, or when walking at any given moment in any given country.


    Texting When Driving, increases the possibility of a crash by over 22 times.


    Talking When Driving, increases the possibility of a crash by over 5 times.


    A text message takes a driver’s eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. In that time, they will have driven the length of a football field completely blindfolded.

    Now You Can Do Something To Protect The People Important In Your Life!

    • Introducing LifeGift, the app designed to prevent accidents, injuries, and even fatalities , involving distracted drivers and pedestrians using their smartphones.
    • LifeGift will send an emotion-based alert to Drivers and Pedestrians when it is determined they could be in danger because of mobile distractions.
    • LifeGift is a valuable gift you give to those you want to keep safe, and those who are important to you.
    • Avoid Traffic Fines. With LifeGift, the people you care for could avoid traffic fines which save them hundreds or thousands of dollars, and even avoid loss of license.
    • With LifeGift on their smartphone , when they interact with their phone, LifeGift will send them a personal message, photo and audio - from you - asking them to think about safety.
    • “Daddy, Drive Safely!” or “Hey Mommy, Please don’t text and driver. I love you! Once they receive the message, they can choose to ignore their loved ones or thinking about what’s important. Safety!
    • Your LifeGift will let them know you care and promote safer driving and pedestrian behavior and could make all the difference in keeping them safe when you are not there with them.
    • NOTE: LifeGift will send the Driver or Pedestrian an alert notification ONLY when they interact with their phone whilst in the car, or driving, and includes at traffic lights. NOT BEFORE!

    LifeGift Exponential Safety Zone Effect

    Driver and Pedestrians become more aware of the people immediately around them. So if everyone was alert and not distracted by their smartphones, there would be substantially fewer road accidents, injuries, and fatalities. LifeGift means our roads are safer which impacts us all!


    Download LIFEGIFT™ from Apple AppStore® or Google PlayStore®


    Using your Facebook or Gmail account

    Main Menu

    – Select “Send a LifeGift”

    Press “Buy” and purchase

    the number of LifeGift gifts for those who you are important to you, and who you want to keep safe.

    “Send a LifeGift”:

    Once you have purchased LifeGift to protect those who are important to you, Press “Send a LifeGift”

    Your Personal LifeGift Message:

    1. Select photo from the gallery or use camera to set the photo that you want as your LifeGift alert.
    2. Enter “Name of Gifter”: Example: Your name, or the name of someone who the person you are sending the LifeGift to, cares for. Example: A child’s name.
    3. Enter “Name of Receiver” Example: Name of person who is important to you, who is getting the LifeGift.
    4. Enter the “Message” that you want in your LifeGift. Example: “Please drive safely. Don’t text and drive!” or “Thinking of You, Please Be Safe!”.Note: You can also swipe to see template messages.
    5. Record your voice: Your LifeGift will have more impact when you include your voice telling them to be safe. Example: You can record the message you wrote.
    6. Press Send: This will generate a text message with a unique Activation Code. Select the name of important person (Receiver) in your contacts list and send them the text.


    The important people in your life will receive a personal message from you. If they interact with their phone during driving or walking, your LifeGift message will be there to keep them alert!

    Activate your LifeGift

    1. Activate a LIFEGIFT: You will have received a text message with an Activation Code.
    2. Download LIFEGIFT from Apple AppStore® or Google PlayStore®
    3. Sign-In using your Facebook or Gmail accounts
    4. Main Menu – Select “Activate Your LifeGift”
    5. Enter your Activation Code included in your received LifeGift text.
    6. ACCEPT ALL PERMISSIONS. Done! LifeGift is now active and looking after you!