FAQ & Support

What does HERE4U do?

Have you ever heard someone say “I wish I could have been there for you”?

Well, LifeGift HERE4U enables us to support the people important to us.

Once installed on their phone, HERE4U automatically sends them notifications throughout their day, letting them know thatno matter what you are there to help and support them with their challenges.

Their challenges could be struggling with loneliness, mental health, weight loss, working out, to stop smoking, or something else. You can always be there for them and know they are ok.

Why would I not just send them a text with Whatsapp, WeChat or FaceBook?

Because the reality is that we are all very busy in our own lives, be it with family, work, sports, and our challenges. So we don’t.

HERE4U will automaticallysend them personalized notifications throughout their day. They can respond to your message with “I’M OK”, or “I NEED TO TALK” which places a direct phone call to you.

How much does HERE4U cost?

LifeGift HERE4U comes with a FREE token so you can send someone you care for a HERE4U message immediately. You can purchase more LifeGift Tokens to send a HERE4U to as many people as you like.

How many people can I send a HERE4U?

Unlimited. You can give and receive an unlimited number of LifeGift HERE4U. You will see the last HERE4Unumber you activated. You can always change this in the Received Cards section in the settings.

The more HERE4U you receive, the more people are thinking of you.

What do I have to do once I send someone a HERE4U?

Nothing, HERE4U will automatically send them your custom notifications throughout their day, so they will know you are always there when they need to talk.

I have more questions not answered here. How do I contact LifeGift Technologies?

You can send LifeGift support and email: sup@lifegift.com