FAQ & Support

What does DRIVE do?

LifeGift DRIVE uses an emotion-based alert system to prevent smartphone distraction and bring Driver and Pedestrian focus back onto the road and surroundings. That extra second those important to you focus on the road or surroundings, because of a DRIVE Alert, could mean saving their life, preventing injuries or saving them from loss of license.

How much does DRIVE cost?

LifeGift DRIVE is free and works immediately after you register. It will send you notifications from LifeGift to keep you safe. For greater impact, you can send your loved ones a custom alert which would include your photo, voice, and message. To do this, you will need to buy a LifeGift Link Token.

How does DRIVE work?

LifeGift DRIVE uses Patent Pending technology which works with the sensors inside smartphones and cars to determine driver distraction. Then a notification alert is sent telling driver to keep eyes on the road.

What if I am a passenger in a car, bus, or train?

Once you get a DRIVE Alert and you are not driving, you can just hit "Passenger Mode", and you won't be alerted during that trip.

How many people can I send a DRIVE?

Unlimited. You can give and receive an unlimited number of LifeGift DRIVE custom alerts. You will see the last LifeGift DRIVE number you activated. But can always change this in the Received Cards section in the settings.

Does DRIVE consume a lot of my phones battery power?

No. We have designed and use Patent Pending power management algorithms to ensure that LifeGift runs quietly in the smartphone background and alerts when required with minimal power consumption. The important thing to remember is that it could save a life, prevent injuries and at least save from them from traffic infringements tickets that could be hundreds or thousands of dollars and even loss of license.

Will DRIVE send me an alert and force me to look at my phone when I'm not looking at my phone?

No. A DRIVE is triggered ONLY when you are looking and interacting with your phone in a car. Not before. So, it only reacts to your interaction. Note: When walking or generally using your phone DRIVE may sense movement and may send you a reminder. In this case, just hit "OK, I'm Alert!" button

Does DRIVE disable my phone?

No. LifeGift DRIVE sends alerts when it determines the risk of distraction. We believe in encouragement, not enforcement. The driver or pedestrian will want to be safe, as we all do! So, your phone will work as normal.

What if I need to use my phone in the car and I don't want alerts for a short period?

We advise you to stop the car somewhere safe and hit "Temporary Access" which will give you access without alert interruptions. You can set the length of access in the profile settings. After the Temporary Access period, DRIVE will go back into protection mode.

What do I have to do once I send someone a DRIVE custom alert as a gift?

Nothing, DRIVE will automatically send them yourpersonalised notification when they interact with their phone during driving.

What is LifeGift ALLIANCES?

LIFEGIFT ALLIANCES is for organizations that are socially responsible and want to keep their employees and customers safe from accidents, injuries, and fatalities associated with mobile phone distractions.

Through the LIFEGIFT ALLIANCES platform, we can generate and send DRIVE to an unlimited number of employees, members and customers. The DRIVE alert message can be targeted to specific groups of customers and employees with corporate logos, company-specific message, and audio.

I have more questions not answered here, how do I contact LIFEGIFT?

You can send LifeGift support and email: sup@lifegift.com